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Of Three Cities: A Multifandom Roleplaying Game
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A wangst-free role playing enviroment? :|
The community is officially OPEN as of September 29.

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Your character wakes up in a plain white room containing nothing but a three-buttoned communication device. Through observations, they find that they are in a futuristic but deserted insane asylum. The memories from the last week in their world have been completely erased. As they make their way into the main lobby, the communication device speaks to them and tells them they have three choices: One, two, or three. What these choices are? It won't say.

If your character chooses one, they are relocated to a Victorian-style town.
If your character chooses two, they are relocated to a futuristic city.
If your character chooses three, they are relocated to a gothic cemetery.

With further investigation, your character discovers that they are in an underground area which connects and contains the three cities. They can travel between the cities after their initial relocation, though the journey between these places affects their mind (this is only after the initial relocation- the first time they pass between the worlds, they will not be affected). Not only are they forced to relive their worst memories, but they experience a few hours where they become extremely out of character. After passing out from the insanity, they wake up as their regular selves.

Welcome to Of Three Cities!

We accept nearly all levels of experience, as long as you can write well and keep your character in character. The plots in this community will range from deep and dramatic to complete crack. It will all depend on your personal preference of what plots and events to involve your character in.


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