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07 April 2007 @ 05:07 pm
Follow Livejournal's Terms of Service!!!

1. Be literate. Use proper grammar and spelling (especially while role playing).

2. You may play up to five characters, at a time. More will be allowed if you are an active member of the community (who has been around for more than two months), but only with permission. Moderators get one free character. By "free", that means a character they don't have to apply for. Only a character the other mods KNOW said mod can play well. Technically, this also means that mods can play up to six characters.

Hey, being a mod isn't that easy.

3. Have your character interact with characters from different fandoms.

4. You may join as any kind of fictional character. It can be from an anime, manga, TV show, movie, book, video game, et cetera; however, you may NOT apply as a celebrity.

5. All role play logs should be in third person, while journal entries should be in first person.

6. You may role play via the community, email, and/or instant messenger. All logs, despite where they are played out, must be posted in the main community. All logs should also be rated based on their content.

7. To apply, fill out an application and make a new post of it in the out of character (OOC) community. A moderator will approve or deny it, as soon as possible.

8. If you cannot update for more than ten days, post a hiatus message.

9. Make a character journal before you apply.

10. Do not start unnecessary drama. If something happens OOC, keep it OOC. Do not insult anyone's role playing abilities. Whether or not someone is role playing in character, is up to the moderators to decide.

11. All content that is not safe for work, should be placed under a cut.

12. Do not "god mod" or kill off another mun's character without their consent, as well as the consent of all moderators.

13. You may reserve a character for up to one week.

14. No advertisements of any kind are allowed to be posted in any of the communities, without the approval of all moderators.

15. Tag your logs with the names of the characters participating.

16. You must comment to the main moderator journal with the word 'banana', before you apply. There will be a new word each month.

17. You may make your reservation for a character in the "Reserves" post. The reservation will last for one week only.

18. Currently, you may only play up to two three characters per series.

If accepted:

1. Add all of the character journals under the Taken Character List.

2. Join both the main community (ofthreecities) and the OOC community (threeooc) with your character's journal. Be sure to keep up with what happens in the OOC community, as important information will be posted there.

3. You have two days to update your profile information with your character information.

4. You have three days to make your first journal entry and thread post.

5. Have fun and stay active.

6. This is an example of what your opening post for a thread should look like:

Who: Zelos Wilder and Luke fon Fabre
What: Meeting up with CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and Legolas.
When: After the confrontation with Duo Maxwell.
Where: In the futuristic city.
Rating: R

[insert post behind lj-cut here]

7. If you make a thread in the main community that has content that could be rated R or higher, for goodness sake FRIENDS LOCK IT. If you don't know what that means, ask a moderator.

This is another reason to make sure you have every character journal of the community added to your character's friends list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the moderators.
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